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BIOFIX was established on 07/07/2015, the predecessor of Khai Thanh Technical Trading Co., Ltd. BIOFIX is always proud to provide modern, optimal and safe biological solutions for humans, pets and the environment as:

– Waste water treatment solutions: production wastewater, livestock wastewater, domestic wastewater.

– Odor removal solution: deodorizing waste, garbage and livestock barn odors.

– Grease treatment solutions: grease traps, pipes.

– Composting solution: composting farmyard manure, agricultural by-products and organic waste.

– Aquaculture pond water treatment solution

– Solutions in daily life: handling residual chlorine in shower water, unclogging the air conditioner condenser, …


During that journey, BIOFIX constantly strives to build a prestigious brand image in the Vietnamese market, with the orientation of expanding exports to foreign markets in the near future. Besides, BIOFIX is built from a team of experienced, professional and methodical engineers. That creates the prestigious BIOFIX brand, which has always been chosen to accompany the projects of businesses during the past time.

Once again BIOFIX is committed to continuously improve service quality, improve product quality and bring more advanced biological solutions in the future. Continue to develop sustainably with the orientation: “Providing leading biological solutions in Vietnam in the field of providing modern biological solutions”

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